March 19, 2018 / Texts 1.5 Released

  • Upgrade to Pandoc 2.1.

December 12, 2017 / Texts 1.4.3 Released

  • Upgrade to Pandoc 2.0.

April 13, 2017 / Texts 1.4.2 Released

  • Support line breaks in headings.

  • Update MathJax CDN in HTML export templates.

December 4, 2016 / Texts 1.4.1 Released

  • Support Pandoc 1.19.

  • Don't escape underscore character inside words.

November 1, 2016 / Texts 1.4 Released

  • Upgrade to Pandoc 1.18.

March 23, 2016 / Texts 1.3.2 Released

  • Support up to 20 columns in tables.

  • Don't wrap URLs in < and > signs.

  • Fix export of tables following footnotes.

  • Fix export of single-column tables.

  • Don't toggle find panel on Command+F (Mac OS X).

  • Improve support of MiKTeX per-user install (Windows).

  • Improve support of Pandoc per-machine install (Windows).

  • Improve execution under Wine on Linux.

January 23, 2016 / Texts 1.3.1 Released

  • Normalise paragraph indents on save.

  • Preserve pinned documents on app update (Windows).

January 4, 2016 / Texts 1.3 Released

  • Upgrade to Pandoc 1.16.

November 29, 2015 / Texts 1.2 Released

  • Support publishing to GitHub Pages, with math, tables etc. Read more »

  • Option for formatting code blocks with backticks.

  • Preserve attributes of code blocks (e.g. language).

  • Format inline math with double dollar signs by default.

  • Improve stability on Windows.

  • Adjust table columns widths in PDF export.

October 31, 2015 / Texts 1.1 Released

  • Support installation of editor themes from .text-theme files (Mac OS X).

  • Enable spellchecking by default (Mac OS X).

  • Clear cached images on app start (Mac OS X).

  • Enable saving of document with custom extension (Mac OS X).

  • Fix copy of HTML to clipboard (Windows).

  • Remove support of Markdown flavours, generate markup common to variations.

October 12, 2015 / Texts 1.0 Released

  • Improve support of Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

  • Improve support of Windows 10.

  • Support high-resolution displays on Windows.

August 31, 2015 / Texts 0.23.5 Released

  • Enable autoformatting by default.

  • Open .rmd files (Windows).

  • Display page orientation buttons in Print dialog (OS X).

  • Fix Image button on toolbar (Windows).

July 8, 2015 / Texts 0.23.4 Released

  • Update URL of Bootstrap CSS in HTML export template.

  • Fix commands removing table column and rows.

  • Implement smart quotes (Windows).

  • Fix potential problem when application is closed via Alt+F4 (Windows).

  • Offer Pandoc 1.15 by default.

June 15, 2015 / Texts 0.23.3 Released

  • Fix formatting of tables with long text.

June 14, 2015 / Texts 0.23.2 Released

  • Change Markdown syntax defaults to work well with GitHub. Sample »

  • Disable autoformatting by default, add an option to enable. Read more »

  • Add option for tables style. Read more »

  • Add option to export citations to XeLaTeX in natbib format. Read more »

  • One filter for all Markdown extensions in Open and Save dialogs (Windows).

  • Fix editing of prefix in Citation dialog (Windows).

  • Include booktabs package in default XeLaTeX templates for correct table rendering.

  • Reduce CPU usage when word/character count is enabled.

June 5, 2015 / Texts 0.23.1 Released

  • Save documents with .md filename extension by default.

  • Add option for default filename extenstion (Windows). Read more »

  • Assign keyboard shortcuts to “Insert Citation” command.

  • Integrate citations with bibliographic reference managers via copy&paste (OS X). Read more »

  • More stable spellchecking (OS X).

  • Display checkmark for “Spell Checking” in menu (OS X).

  • Mark current style in menu and on toolbar (OS X).

April 26, 2015 / Texts 0.23 Released

  • Basic support of bibliography in BibTeX format. Add “File→Bibliography…” command for configuration and “Insert→Citation” command for creation of citations.

  • Add “Insert→Author” and “Insert→Title” commands.

  • Edit selected image, hyperlink or citation on Alt+Enter.

  • Support multi-paragraph footnotes.

  • Merge “Insert→Image” and “Insert→Image URL” commands.

  • Add file selection button to “Insert Hyperlink” dialog (OS X).

  • Save image caption in standard Markdown format.

  • Install missing MiKTeX packages automatically (Windows).

  • Position caret after link when pasting URL (OS X).

  • Don’t fail on saving empty title or author.

  • Remove date from default TeX/PDF templates.

  • Reset "modified" flag on document open (Windows).

  • Fix saving of ATX headings (Windows).

  • Hide Find panel on Command+F (OS X).

  • Download installer automatically during update (Windows).

  • Don't ask to save Welcome document if it is not modified (OS X).

  • Don't open Untitled document on start but open if app icon clicked again (OS X).

  • Display modal dialog during export (Windows).

  • Require Pandoc 1.13.2 or later.

March 5, 2015 / Texts 0.22.1 for Windows Released

February 28, 2015 / Texts 0.22 Released

  • Display spelling suggestions in context menu.

  • Export all formats via Pandoc.

  • Edit title and author metadata if present.

  • Preserve bibliographic citations and references.

  • Process bibliographic citations in export.

  • Remove hyperlink if URL is empty in “Insert Hyperlink” dialog.

  • Render text with antialiasing (Windows).

  • Support installation for all users and into custom folder (Windows).

  • Add space at the bottom for more comfortable typing.

  • Add option to save inline links.

  • Don’t paste as Markdown in default paste.

  • Add “Paste as Markdown” command.

  • Improve tables parsing from Pandoc.

  • Preserve raw TeX blocks and spans.

  • Enable “Services” menu (OS X).

  • Export HTML slides with vertical navigation for second level headings.

  • Display MiKTeX dialogs during PDF export (Windows).

  • Don’t open recent document by default (Windows).

  • Add option to not reopen documents on start (OS X).

  • Disable autosave by default, add option (Windows).

  • Add option to save ATX heading (OS X).

  • Add option to set select spellchecking language (Windows).

  • Hide writing direction commands from menu.

  • Display border around math blocks and gray background for code blocks.

  • Load templates from “Templates” subfolder at document location (OS X).

  • Update HTML slides export template for latest version of reveal.js.

  • Add file selection button in “Insert Hyperlink” dialog (Windows).

  • Escape plus and minus character at the beginning of paragraph.

  • Make undo more reliable.

  • Don’t print text caret (Windows).

  • Fix numbering of highly nested lists.

  • Fix “Find Next” when Find panel is shown (OS X).

  • Fix line splitting in printing.

  • Fix formatting of tables with CJK characters.

  • Fix decoding of URLs.

  • Fix editing of hyperlinks with non-ASCII characters (Windows).

  • Drop support of OS X 10.7.

September 21, 2014 / Texts 0.21 Released

  • Import from Word format.

  • Import from OPML format (Mac OS X).

  • Export to OPML format (Mac OS X).

  • Export to EPUB 3 format (Mac OS X).

  • Export to Open Document format (Mac OS X).

  • Templates in Word export (Mac OS X).

  • Don’t display link URL in separate paragraph.

  • Save documents in Pandoc Markdown format.

  • Parse all files via Pandoc by default.

  • Remove “Comment” paragraph style.

  • Drop support of Mac OS X 10.6.

June 20, 2014 / Texts for Windows 0.20.1 Released

  • Fix rendering of images with relative path.

June 16, 2014 / Texts 0.20 Released

  • Toolbar with fast access to most common styles and actions.

  • Move editor settings from “Window” menu into “View” menu.

  • Fix potential loss of focus in empty document.

June 3, 2014 / Texts 0.19.2 Released

  • Fix parsing of indentation in code and math blocks.

May 31, 2014 / Texts 0.19.1 Released

  • Paste as plain text into code and math blocks.

  • Fix caret handling just before line break.

  • Disable spellchecking and autocorrection in code blocks.

  • Improve automatic Pandoc path detection (Windows).

  • Support customization of Pandoc and XeLaTeX paths (Windows).

  • Support “save unwrapped” option for Pandoc Markdown (Windows).

May 26, 2014 / Texts 0.19 Released

  • Export of HTML presentations. See example »

  • GitHub Pages and Jekyll support (Kramdown). Read more »

  • Markdown auto-formatting for paragraphs and words. Read more »

  • Option to save documents with Unix newlines on Windows. Read more »

  • Option to save Markdown with ATX headings on all levels. Read more »

  • “Copy as Plain Text” command in the “Edit” menu.

  • Keyboard shortcut for “Insert / Image URL” command (OS X).

  • Open last edited file on start (Windows).

  • Removed low-level hyperlink and footnote styling commands from “Word” menu.

  • Support Pandoc 1.12.4. Download for OS X or Windows.

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

March 23, 2014 / Texts 0.18.5 Released

  • Add “Insert Image URL” command (Windows).

  • Save tables in “pipe” format in GitHub and MMD Markdown flavors.

  • Export non-breaking space as HTML entity in HTML format.

  • Insert non-breaking space on Ctrl+Shift+Space (Windows).

  • Paste image files copied from Finder as images (Mac OS X).

  • Escape pipe character for more robust table parsing.

  • Fix URL detection in paste (Mac OS X).

  • Fix selection of Markdown flavor based on extension.

  • Fix pasting of multiline text into search field (Mac OS X).

February 3, 2014 / Texts 0.18.4 Released

  • Add separators to “Paragraph” and “Word” menus.

  • Display thumbnail previews for .md files (Mac OS X).

  • Paste URL from clipboard inline (Mac OS X).

  • Respect “no wrap” option when saving in Pandoc, GitHub or MMD format (Mac OS X).

  • Fix compatibility issue with Default Folder X (Mac OS X).

  • Remove “Image” command from “Paragraph” menu (Windows).

  • Accept three dashes as end of YAML block.

  • Fix saving of tables with long words (more that 40 characters).

  • Fix saving of images with long URLs containing spaces.

January 20, 2014 / Texts 0.18.3 Released

  • Option to use Pandoc and XeLaTeX installed via MacPorts (OS X). Read more »

  • Option to suppress creation of empty document (OS X). Read more »

  • Option to export tight lists to HTML (OS X). Read more »

  • Fixes for parsing of YAML metadata via Pandoc.

December 25, 2013 / Texts 0.18.2 for OS X Released

  • Fix: autoupdate may ask for a password.

December 23, 2013 / Texts 0.18.1 for Windows Released

  • Fix: Pandoc cannot be found on Windows XP.

  • Fix: Repetitive display of Welcome document (Windows).

December 22, 2013 / Texts 0.18 Released

  • Autosave documents every minute.

  • Open .text files via embedded parser and other file types via Pandoc.

  • Remove “Reopen in Format” and “Save in Format” menu commands.

  • Add “Import” commands for Markdown flavors.

  • Fix input of composite Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters (Windows).

  • Preserve YAML blocks in Texts parser/formatter.

  • Fix parsing of tables with hyperlinks and footnotes via Pandoc.

  • Improve export and import via Pandoc.

  • Don’t scale preview of small images (10+ pixels height).

  • Show white mouse cursor in “Dark” theme.

December 5, 2013 / Texts 0.17.1 Released

  • Fix parsing of tables without headers in Pandoc Markdown format.

  • Improve export of Unicode glyphs from Welcome document to PDF (OS X).

  • Ignore “Insert” key (Windows).

  • Make current span highlight darker in the “Dark” theme.

  • Add “Sepia” theme.

November 17, 2013 / Texts 0.17 Released

  • Require update to Pandoc 1.12.1.

  • Fix compatibility issues on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

  • Implement “Find Next” command.

  • Assign keyboard shortcut to “Insert Image URL” (Mac OS X).

  • Preserve headings 4-6.

October 19, 2013 / Texts 0.16.1 for Windows Released

  • Fix escaping of backslashes on save (Windows).

  • Fix loading in GitHub/MMD format (Windows).

October 13, 2013 / Texts 0.16 Released

  • Support Pandoc 1.12.

  • Ignore images in word/character count.

  • Enable QuickLook for .md files (OS X).

  • Insert plain URL if link text is empty in the “Insert Hyperlink” dialog.

  • Rename "Character" menu to "Word".

  • Open plain text files (non-Markdown) on OS X.

  • Parse text as Markdown on “paste” command.

  • Add “Paste as Plain Text” command.

  • Fix export of URLs with emails to HTML.

  • Fix saving of tables with words longer than 40 characters.

  • Fix saving of hyperlinks without URL.

September 24, 2013 / Texts 0.15.3 Released

  • Fix potential crash after click on a link (Windows).

September 22, 2013 / Texts 0.15.2 Released

  • Images are displayed in the editor (Windows).

  • Split “Format” menu into “Paragraph”, “Character” and “Table” menus.

  • Fix copy&paste in “Find” text box on Windows.

  • Keep text direction after Enter key press.

  • Preserve RTL text direction in HTML export.

July 25, 2013 / Texts 0.15.1 for Mac OS X Released

  • Enable export to DOCX, RTF, EPUB via Pandoc in AppStore version.

July 20, 2013 / Texts 0.15 for Mac OS X Released

  • Images are displayed in the editor (OS X).

  • Images can be pasted from clipboard (OS X).

  • Spellchecking can be disabled (OS X).

  • Exclude hyperlink definitions from word and character count.

  • Texts for Mac OS X can be purchased via AppStore.

June 15, 2013 / Texts 0.14.5 Released

  • Fix mouse cursor flickering (Windows).

June 9, 2013 / Texts 0.14.4 Released

  • Option to display character count.

  • Markup characters are no longer escaped on copy to clipboard.

  • Enter key press inserts empty paragraph before table.

  • Tab/Shift+Tab keys move caret to next/prev cell in table.

  • Tab inserts new row at the end of table.

  • Paragraph movement commands shift column/row in table.

  • Fix numbered items counter reset after headings level 2 and 3.

  • Fix export to PDF on OS X 10.6.

May 28, 2013 / Texts 0.14.3 Released

  • Fix: PageDown key doesn’t work until some other key is pressed. (Windows)

  • Fix potential text caret misalignment. (OS X)

  • Display documents thumbnails in Finder. (OS X)

  • Support RTL scripts in Quick Look preview. (OS X)

May 26, 2013 / Texts 0.14.2 Released

  • Fix crash on image paste (OS X).

  • Fix export of tables with empty cells.

  • Remove empty paragraphs in HTML export.

  • Improve PDF export when image has special characters in filename.

  • Always fit image in page width in PDF.

  • Support default Markdown dialect option.

  • Maintain scrolling so that caret is visible after switch to fullscreen (Windows).

  • Support footnotes in tables in PDF export.

  • Improve table column width calculation in PDF export.

  • Support “save unwrapped” option.

  • Ignore punctuation in word count.

  • Improve typography in OS X version.

May 23, 2013 / Texts 0.14.1 Released

  • Fix: export to HTML5 fails on undefined footnotes and hyperlinks.

  • Fix: text in comments is included in word count.

May 18, 2013 / Texts 0.14 Released

  • Tables.

  • Quick Look plugin (Mac OS X).

  • Additional languages in spell check (Windows). Read more »

  • Open and save other Markdown flavors (Pandoc, GitHub, MMD).

  • Automatic updates.

April 16, 2013 / Texts 0.13.2 Released

  • Fix autoformatting on OS X 10.6 and 10.7.

  • Fix font rendering issue on Windows.

  • Fix copy&paste of formatted text from Chrome and Firefox on OS X.

March 19, 2013 / Texts 0.13.1 Released

  • Fix error on pasting MultiMarkdown (Mac OS X).

March 11, 2013 / Texts 0.13 Released

  • Templates for PDF and HTML export. Read more »

  • Option to display word count in window title.

  • Option to save files without hard wrapping. Read more »

  • Save with CRLF line breaks on Windows.

  • Basic support of right-to-left scripts.

  • Pandoc 1.11 support. Download for Mac OS X or Windows.

  • MiKTeX is recommended for XeLaTeX on Windows. Download.

February 27, 2013 / Texts 0.12.1 Released

  • Improved support of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

  • Shift+Enter in a code block inserts paragraph break.

February 22, 2013 / Texts 0.12 Released

  • Editor themes (Dark, Monospaced, Serif).

  • Autoformat bulleted and numbered lists.

  • “Insert Footnote” command.

  • “Insert Hyperlink” command (Windows).

  • Main menu restructured into “Insert” and “Format” submenus.

  • “Comment” style for paragraphs (ignored on export).

  • “Paste → Unformatted text” command (Mac).

  • Window width maintained on window zoom (Mac).

  • Editor font size remembered (Mac).

  • Enter key press in a code block inserts line break.

  • Pandoc 1.10 support.

January 17, 2013 / Texts 0.11 Released

  • Beta version of Texts for iOS is available in iTunes Store.

  • “Copy” and “Cut” commands copy rich text to clipboard.

  • “Paste” command pastes rich text from clipboard (requires Pandoc).

  • “Copy as HTML” command to get raw HTML.

  • “Insert Image” command in context menu.

  • “Insert Hyperlink” command in context menu (Mac OS X only).

  • Mnemonic keyboard shortcuts for paragraph styles.

  • Separate keyboard shortcuts for each heading level.

  • Command for formatting cleanup.

  • Support for block quotations.

  • Context menu with copy&paste commands.

  • URLs autoformated on paste from clipboard (Mac OS X only).

  • “Follow Link” command from a reference creates note paragraph.

  • Hyperlinks and references highlighted when Command/Ctrl key is pressed.

  • New icon.

November 22, 2012 / Texts 0.10.1 Released

  • Open files with other Markdown filename extensions: mdown, mdml, mdtext, mdtxt, mdwn, mkd, mkdn.

November 16, 2012 / Texts 0.10 Released

  • Installation packages signed with digital certificates to avoid security warnings.

  • Documents can be saved with .md and .markdown filename extensions.

  • All supported file types (.text, .md, .markdown) open via Texts parser by default.

  • “Reopen…” commands added to parse document via MultiMarkdown or Pandoc.

  • “Repeat Last Export” command added.

  • Basic search implemented.

  • Basic spell checking implemented.

  • “Recent Files” list added in Texts for Windows.

October 26, 2012 / Texts 0.9 Released

A new version of Texts with built-in MultiMarkdown import.

Download for Windows Download for MAC OS X