Texts is a word processor for well-structured documents that uses plain text Markdown as file storage format. Documents can be published to PDF, HTML, DOCX, EPUB, and other formats from single source.

Structured content

Use Texts to create structured documents. You set your titles and headings, and they will stay in place if you export your document to another format.

Markdown visual editor

Write using Markdown — without having to remember the markup. With Texts you can apply styles to words and paragraphs and immediately see the results. Your images and tables are displayed directly within Texts.

Single source publishing

Writing your documents in Texts gives you a lot of flexibility. You can easily convert your words into clean HTML5, professional PDFs, ePub or Word format, or even a presentation.

Math formulas are supported in export to PDF, HTML and Word formats.

Professional typesetting

Texts produces immaculate PDFs. Everything you create — from paragraphs of text to mathematical formulae — is perfectly typeset.

Future proof format

Plain text is beautifully simple — and completely future-proof. Texts saves your documents as plain text — so you can take them wherever you like.


Use Texts on Windows or Mac OS X. The app has a native look and feel for each platform, and the document format is common across platforms.

Theme it your way

Change the appearance of your text editor with themes, adjust style of published documents with export templates.

Free trial

Download Texts now and give it a try!

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